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The scientifically correct dosage

Nutritional supplements exist in many doses. So many, in fact, that it could make you dizzy. How do you know that you are receiving the correct dose? How do you know that you are receiving a safe dose?

Fortunately, science offers the solution; there are a number of scientific studies in which the physiologically effective and safe dosage of supplements has been documented. reviews these studies itself and determines which dosage has appeared to be the optimum one. This is the only dosage you will find in our products.

Unfortunately this does not go without saying everywhere. There are many reasons that one might consider not using the scientifically substantiated dosages:

Costs too much

Because ingredients are often expensive, it is tempting for a provider to economise on the dose. Scientific studies on the effectiveness of chondroitin, for instance, have established that a daily dosage of 1200 mg is effective. Many products, however, exhibit much lower levels of this expensive ingredient: 600 mg, 250 mg, even 50 mg. In the case of the last quantity, you can be sure that the only effect of the ingredient is to decorate the label.

Too many capsules

The optimum dose is often a high dosage. This requires a number of capsules or tablets, which the customer may find annoying. MSM is just such an ingredient that is regularly used in too low a dosage in products with glucosamine and chondroitin, most likely because the minimum daily dose required of 1500 mg does not fit. 1.5 capsules are necessary for this quantity of MSM alone.

At we understand the preference for taking a small number of capsules. But we consider it more important to supply the correct dosage rather than a dose that is easier to swallow, but that is not as effective.

Lack of knowledge

Even if a provider chooses the correct, scientifically substantiated dose, it is not always guaranteed that this dose makes it into the product. Glucosamine sulphate, for instance, is a product that is regularly provided in doses that are too low, generally due to ignorance.

Research has shown that 1500 mg glucosamine sulphate per day is a physiologically effective dose. A provider that doesn’t fully understand the product glucosamine sulphate will not know that glucosamine sulphate is stabilised with a salt. If the company fails to take this into account, it will supply 1500 mg including the salt. After deducting the salt, only 24% at most will remain, which is too low a quantity.

Chondroitin, too, is an ingredient that is regularly unwittingly given in insufficient doses. Good chondroitin has a purity level of 95% (100% is not achievable in practice). is one of the few providers that corrects for the missing 5% and supplies 1265 mg, so that 1200 mg of pure chondroitin can be guaranteed.

No acceptable excuses

In brief, at you receive dosages that have proven to be physiologically effective, as well as safe, based on scientific research. We believe that there are no acceptable excuses for offering a dose other than that which is truly effective for you.

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