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Magnesium & Taurine

Really like it

September 13, 2017 20:42
Neil Shumake
Iím glad I found you for my pill supply. If I have to say something about magnesium & taurine, then Iíll say: great product! I really like it.
Natural Multi

There is nothing better

September 11, 2017 12:44
Bridget Franks

Very effective

September 10, 2017 22:49
Pauline Selkirk
This treatment, with this product and in this dosage, was recommended to me by my rheumatologist. It is very effective.
Natural Multi

Looked for a long time

September 10, 2017 16:37
Mary Winter
After looking for a long time I found these all-natural multivitamins. Iím very happy with them!
Natural Multi

Best product ever

September 10, 2017 11:58
Helia Safarewicz
This is the best product ever... From all the multivitamins available! Even from all the supplements available!
Magnesium & Taurine

Fine supplement

September 7, 2017 18:29
Michael Michaut
Fine supplement, works great!

Pleased with the result

September 7, 2017 15:25
Andria Davidson
We use the chondroitin sulphate for our ponies that have summer eczema and are very pleased with the result. I thought this might interest you.

Got the impression that it works

September 7, 2017 14:23
Patricia Gill
Was very pleased with the first batch. Really got the impression that it works, so Iíll continue with it
ASU Forte

Nice improvement

September 6, 2017 19:02
Terence Karan
I stopped with Glucosamine - following your advice because due to my glaucoma Iíd better not take it - and in its place started using the preparations ASU forte and Chondroitin you recommended. This was 6 months ago for treatment of *** in my back. Since then Iíve been bothered less by a cracking feeling. Iíve already noticed a nice improvement for the knees, but for now Iím continuing with the treatment because Iíve heard that for the back it is better to continue longer. I have to be patient. So at the moment I am pleased with your products.
On a website which sells supplements, those supplements can not be associated with the treatment of diseases. This is why some words have been left out in this review. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Moving is important

September 4, 2017 21:52
David Morse
I want to emphasise that it doesnít make much sense to only take cartilage-protecting supplements but for the rest not move a lot and get in the car for every little errand. I myself am optimistic that through a combination of your supplements, the right body weight and sufficient movement I will manage to keep my *** under control.
On a website which sells supplements, those supplements can not be associated with the treatment of diseases. This is why some words have been left out in this review. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Natural Multi

Pills are bit to big

August 29, 2017 15:14
Grant Henshaw
In general I am happy with this multivitamin. I like the contents, but not so much the size of the pills. I have difficulty swallowing them. So I open them and squeeze out the contents, which I can then mix with food.

No improvement whatsoever

August 28, 2017 09:13
David Patey
I used this supplement for more than 4 months and did not notice any improvement

The capsules could be smaller

August 27, 2017 21:21
Helen Luhning
The capsules are for our dog and he is doing better all the time. But they could be a bit smaller. Then swallowing them would be easier. The processing of the orders is always fine and the delivery always fast.

Recommended to my patients

August 27, 2017 16:59
Hina Zone
I use the product myself and am satisfied with it and Iíve also recommended it often to my patients and will continue to do so.

No major effects yet

August 25, 2017 16:36
Judith Davey
I havenít noticed any major effects, only some minor improvements, but I know it is necessary to continue with it to obtain positive effects from the supplements and thatís what Iím going to do
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